Why A Wahoo Dock?

As a Wahoo Docks certified dealer…

We don’t just make aluminum boat docks… We build dreams and lifetime memories.

We know deciding to build – or remodel – your dock is a big decision. And often, choosing the right dock design, dock materials and especially, dock builder, takes a leap of faith. Our goal is to help make this leap easier not only by telling you – but also by showing – why Dockscapes and Wahoo Docks are your best choice for your dock project.

Why Choose An Aluminum Dock?

If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of aluminum docks, you might be surprised to know that an aluminum dock is nearly always the best choice when a strong, durably, nearly maintenance-free dock is desired. It doesn’t matter whether the dock will be on a fresh or salt water body! Yes, aluminum can rust like other metals—but only in the best possible way. When aluminum oxidizes, it actually forms a hard shell, making it even stronger than before. This is different than with other metals that actually become weaker when exposed to the elements.

Even better… our Wahoo docks always use only 6061-T6 Marine Grade Aluminum for all structural components because it offers nearly the same tensile strength as steel with up to 60% less weight. It also produces welds that are 20% stronger than the lower-grade aluminum used by many Wahoo competitors!

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What Makes a Wahoo Dock by Dockscapes Superior to Other Boat Docks on the Market?

Wahoo Has…

☆ 30+ Years Experience Building Docks
☆ 6 US Patents for Aluminum Dock Components
☆ 3,987 Docks Built in the Last 10 Years
☆ 5,515 Gangways Built in the Same Decade

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Every Wahoo Dock is Engineered for Excellence…

Wahoo CAT3 aluminum boat docks
Wahoo CAT5 aluminum boat docks

Wahoo Docks was founded by Engineers, is owned by Engineers and every dock – including every component – is designed and quality-checked by Engineers. This means you can always be certain a Wahoo dock will be the strongest, most secure, and most durable dock money can buy.

Within the Wahoo line, two general classes of premium aluminum docks are offered. These include the Wahoo CAT3 aluminum dock and the Wahoo CAT5 aluminum boat dock. No corners are cut and no details overlooked in the engineering and production of these boat docks which set the standard for all others and make them both the most superior aluminum boat docks on the market.

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