Dock Hip Roof

Wahoo categorizes roof types into three basic styles — Gables, Hips, and Sun Decks.

Within these basic styles, we offer variations to accommodate a range of dock layouts, local nuances, and personal preferences. Roof choices are typically made with equal regard given to personal aesthetic appeal, desired utility, and cost.

The most economical roofs are the Gables and Hips. Between those two options, the Hip roof offers slightly better protection from the elements and is often considered more attractive than the more cost competitive Gable.

When additional recreational space is desired or especially when a large dock footprint is not possible, our Sun Decks offer a great solution. Wahoo pioneered the Sun Deck roof with Gables over a decade ago, and today, this style still stands as the most popular roof style we produce.

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Roy Hip Roof Double Slip Dock 2
Roy Hip Roof Double Slip Dock
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